Reticle Research Report Update: October 2021

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We discussed how the major streaming services fared at the Emmys and shared exclusive, original data and analysis on what drives premium video subscriptions and how major subscription motivators are poised to change. Among the data findings: more than twice as many consumers cited broad content as a subscription motivator versus access to franchises.

Coming off the device announcements coming out of Lenovo Tech World and Apple’s September media event, we shared exclusive, original data on consumer interest in the application of tablets as second screens and their implication for vendor-driven ecosystems. Among the data findings: a dramatic difference in terms of consumer interest among those who had multiple devices in the Apple ecosystems.

Other Commentary


As we emerge from the pandemic, we looked at how converging factors continue to favor growth in streaming game services. We also evaluated the possible rationale Microsoft used in launching the Surface Laptop Studio, and weighed in on how Apple’s redesign of the iPad mini finally resolved its value equation versus the baseline iPad,

Sustainable Insights

In our ongoing Medium series of articles on the influence of corporate sustainability initaitives, we evaluated the outcomes discussed at Climate Week NYC in a two-part series focused on themes and actions.


Our weekly podcast with economist Shawn Dubravac of Avrio Institute discussed major tech news events, including a detailed look at Microsoft’s new Surface offerings, Apple’s September announcements, Facebook’s foray into smart glasses, and Apple’s app store concessions.

In the Media

In September, we spoke to the media about the significance of the iPad mini refresh, the state of TV pricing, the dynamics of TikTok vs. YouTube. Members of the media seeking commentary for stories can contact us at or visit our media page for more information.

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